Small Group Training

The effectiveness of group training is no longer to be proven. This is why, we offer 3 types of classes (duration 60 ’) each with a different focus.

Strength - Cardio - Mobility are the 3 pillars that the body needs. Great news, you've come to the right place!

We lead each class taking into account the condition and level of each, which makes our group trainings accessible to all while also allowing confirmed athletes to challenge themselves.

Need a tailor-made class for you and your group, please contact us and we’ll organize it for you!


Details & Info

  • Cross-fonctionnel: the perfect combination between high cardiovascular intensity, strength and intense core training. A great deal of options are available to suit the level of each.
  • HiiT (cardio/renfo)
  • Mobility/Balance/Flexibility: a fundamental workout to give your body the space it needs.

Sur demande


(classes of 60')

CHF 20.00/single class
CHF 150.00 for 10 classes

Monthly subscription available

Details & Info

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